About Us

Caissa Public Strategy, LLC is a strategic communications firm with its headquarters in Memphis, TN and an office in Washington, DC.

We’re more than communicators. We’re influencers.

We serve a broad range of corporations, small businesses, governments, individuals and nonprofits across the county. Since its founding, Caissa has represented over 400 clients in over 10 different states.

Founding partners, Brian J. Stephens and Paige Walkup, converted the Stephens Group Law Firm, which specialized in corporate affairs, business, and land use law, into Caissa Public Strategy to ensure they had all the tools necessary to effectively represent their clients.

Our team members have faced some of the most challenging opponents, from entrenched political groups to organizational ennui. But, for every challenge we take on, we know how to devise the most strategic steps and communications to move you to a win.

What's With the Name?

Then and now, Caissa means victory.

In 1763, at the age of 17, Sir William Jones wrote the poem Caissa in Latin hexameters, based on a 658-line poem called "Scacchia, Ludus" published in 1527 by Marco Girolamo Vida, giving a mythical origin of chess that has become well known in the chess world. He also published an English-language version of the poem.

In the poem the nymph Caissa initially repels the advances of Mars, the god of war. Spurned, Mars seeks the aid of the god of sport, who creates the game of chess as a gift for Mars to win Caissa's favour. Mars wins her over with the game.

Caissa has since been characterized as the "goddess" of chess, her name being used in several contexts in modern chess playing.


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