We move opinion.

The theory of our work

Caissa has a dynamic portfolio of successful complex communications projects: from building issues campaigns and product launches to diffusing controversial crises and managing and growing reputations. 

Our competitive advantage over a typical public relations and marketing firm is our ability to effectively communicate to targeted audiences. We’re more than communicators, we’re influencers. 

Our work is based on proven methodologies that grow organizations and individuals through integrated communications strategies. 

Whether it’s putting together a large-scale community outreach program or creating a multi-platform advertising campaign, we have the tools to build you an individualized plan that grows your influence. 

But here’s the thing: we know that planning is important, but execution is paramount. By focusing on deliverables and the end game, we ensure your plan is implemented from start 

And, because we only take on projects we believe in, our commitment to your desired outcome is 100%. Right across the board.


Crisis & Corporate Communications

Reputation Management
Mergers & Acquisitions
Data Breaches
Product Recalls

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Student Recruitment

Recruit New Students
Retain Current Students
Reclaim Former Students
Community Engagement

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Issue Campaigns
Candidate Campaigns
Ground Teams
Digital Strategy

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Land Use Battles

Strategic Planning
Outreach Campaigns

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What we do