Media Training, Business War Games, Strategic Planning, Keynote Speaking

Brian J. Stephens, CEO of Caissa Public Strategy, is a best-selling author and executive coach that helps employees develop strategies to grow their influence and navigate through change in the workplace.

After developing, forming, and selling three startups before the age of 35, he knew he had found what he loved – building, creating and thinking about how to do things better and smarter. With a background in crisis management, Brian uses his unique gameology techniques to help companies survive crises and everyday battles in the workplace.

Brian's experience as a business owner, provides him with a unique understanding of the pressures that business owners and executives face every day. He is dedicated to advancing his client's interests and making sure they are equipped with the right information to make a win.

With the help of his expert team at Caissa, Brian has developed training plans and specialized courses.

Keynote speaking 

Schedule Brian to speak at your event

Media training 

Stay on Message and develop effective skills for any tv and radio interviews

Business war games 

Test your plan before rollout to help your company with strategic, operational, and tactical planning. Business war gaming is a role-playing simulation of a competitive marketplace used for general management training

Reviews of Brian’s Business War Games

“Unbelievable! One of the best speakers I’ve had. I typically take notes but had no desire to do so for this one because the speaker was so engaging.”

“Brian brings high energy, immediacy, transparency and humor to his presentation. I enjoyed his style and stories and learned great lessons from his group process exercises.”


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