Student Recruitment Exclusively for Public Schools

The harsh reality is that 40/50 states in the USA must compete for students.

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Charter schools have taken over three million students, per year, away from public schools. You must be competitive.

We help you get more students.

We Can Help With

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Tools for Success

Our research and experience in student recruitment have shown us that the most influential tool in student recruitment is parent engagement. With a motivated and trained outreach team in place, we will enact a campaign that is guaranteed to increase enrollment in your schools.

It’s not just knowing where there are school-age children in your district that allows for a good target list; it’s knowing exactly where to find them and how many contacts it will take to get them committed. We create measurable growth strategies to increase enrollment based on current enrollment numbers compared to the number of potential students in the district.


Hear What Parents Think About Our Work

“The person I spoke with was very professional and explained why public school was the better choice for my child. The process of switching our child back to the district was easy. I am so glad we did it.” - Z. Flake

Student Recruitment