Facilitations, Metrics & Accountability, Event Management, Meeting Coordination, Product & Service Launches

With a complex project comes the need for a seamless project management system. Roles need to be delegated and assigned, accountability tools need to be both in place and implemented, and a clear flow of communication needs to be defined.

Caissa has the creativity and organizational management experience to see beyond the everyday tasks of running your business and envision what needs to happen next for it to continue growing and stay successful. We ensure that nothing in the comprehensive plan gets forgotten, pushed aside, or deterred, while also encouraging motivation and engagement of key stakeholders.

With our system in place, we will ensure your organization flows smoothly through any by doing more than just managing: it is our desire to be an integral part of your team.

We manage a broad range of special projects, including:


Mediate, track, and organize projects and meetings

Metrics & Accountability Planning 

Define expectations clearly, with objective numbers you can track to hold people accountable

Event Planning & Management 

Devise event concept logistics, budgeting, scheduling, décor and more for small to large events

Meeting Coordination & Management

Coordinate logistics, budgeting, scheduling, and more

Product & Service Launches 

Develop a timeline and strategy to create buzz and energy and maximize sales



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