Training Modules

One of the key factors for schools when recruiting and retaining students is to make sure the administration is trained properly in a wide variety of areas that impact your school’s success. See below for a sample of our training modules.

Team Members on the Front-Line

Learn how to teach your team to project a friendly willingness to serve your students and families in every interaction. Lessons to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills, and ask the right questions. Body language and in-person or over the phone communication techniques are two of our key takeaways. With our rules for providing a superior experience, you’ll communicate like a champ.

Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

In today’s world you need effective and profitable social marketing strategies. You don’t want your niece or nephew handling your social media accounts because they “like social media”. This module will teach your team the basics of social media including but not limited to what platforms are right for you, consistency, and having a unique brand.

Teacher Morale

Attempting to unify your staff can be a daunting thought, whether need to boost morale or solidify the relationships that are already there. This module focuses on 5 key areas critical for future success; 1. confidence, 2. communication, 3. interpersonal skills, 4. teamwork and leadership, and 5. effective attitude management. All of these are useful for everyday life, but getting your team to master these skills your staff will excel and pass their knowledge along.

3-2-1 Messaging System

By using our message creation tool your team will be able to create consistent talking points. We believe the simpler you make your message, the more likely your targets will hear it. Now once you gain your audience’s attention, you can move them to action!

Crisis Management

Rarely are teams prepared for a crisis before it hits. This module will teach your staff the rules that work in the real world. First, dealing with the crisis and then planning. When your school or district prepares before a crisis hits, you’ll be equipped for the long run.

Conflict Model

Public Schools have been built for decades without an understanding of how to react to their competition, the media and even its own community. In this module your team will learn how to develop a strategic mindset to align resources with activities, prepare and run strategic war games, assess and anticipate changes in your area and more.

Event Planning

Event planning isn’t just buying food and ensuring there are enough seats. Your team needs to know how to reach target attendees and ensure they come. Nowadays it is hard to get someone to commit and come to an event, for anything. Whether you are making personal asks or sending out an e-blast or paper invites, this module will teach the do’s and don’ts. Your staff will learn how to plan and host a successful event for any situation.

E-Blast Campaigns

A successful e-blast campaign is good for many reasons. Most importantly, it is the most reliable and cost friendly form of contact. In this module we will cover everything from strong subject lines to best practices for content creation. Having this consistent form of communication between your schools, district, and community is a must have for your media strategy.

Running a Successful Meeting

This module equips your team with the knowledge to plan, prepare for, participate in, and host successful meetings. Through interactive activities and group discussion, your team will learn how to utilize meeting time more effectively, determine deliverables, and identify the roles and responsibilities of the meeting owner and attendees.

Parent-Ambassador Training

Just like having your team up to speed on how to be engaged, receptive and inclusive, your parents have to be on the same level. Learn how to promote these qualities among your parent ambassadors. Whether it is at a PTA meeting or a school function, your ambassadors need to promote your schools’ mission.

Coaching: Not just in Athletics

When an athletic team is meshing, it can look like magic. We’ve all seen it, maybe as an athlete or a fan. Being a part of a team in your work environment can create those same feelings. This module will help your team create a culture that fosters the same results- based connections as your favorite sports teams.

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