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What is a Snapshot Report?

The Snapshot report is a peek into what your business looks like online and how customers see you. Additionally you will get to see how you compare against your competition. 

  • When will I get my report? It will take us 24 hours to calibrate and send out your report to you.
  • Why do you need this information? We need to know as much as possible to make sure your business gets an accurate report and process how you're doing compared to your competitors.

We do not sell your information!*



Presence  |  Accuracy  | Visibility

Build a powerful brand that attracts key customers to boost your revenue with

  • Accurate Listings
  • Keywords and Phrases
  • Search Engine Optimization 

Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Google+  |  Foursquare & more 

  • Get content suggestions for posting to social media
  • Post to multiple social media platforms  
  • Discover leads to generate business through social media

Google Reviews  |  Facebook Reviews  |  Industry-Specific review sites

Know what your customers are saying about you by 

  • Generating new customer reviews 
  • Responding to customer feedback 

Reviews  |  Employees  |  Social Media

  • Set benchmarks and track your performance over time against the competition 
  • Receive notifications and alerts
  • Monitor employee social media activity 


DIY Solutions

Get tools from the experts to manage your reputation and  visibility. 

Prices starting at $199

Caissa  Managed Solution

Have the experts manage your reputation, social media, visibility, and advertising. 

prices starting at $500

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