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We specialize in fighting and winning your land use battles. 

Why Caissa? 

Caissa Public Strategy has represented and won land use battles for clients across 5 states facing and winning some of the hardest uphill fights.

Each day that your project is delayed, the more it can potentially cost you. The average cost of a delay over a single month for 10,000 square feet of retail space is $250,000 in sales and $17,000 in profit. The longer the process, the more you pay. That's why picking the right site, the right way is critical for your success. 

Project delays, NIMBY wars and code issues are just a few of the potential landmines Caissa can help you navigate to get your project off the ground and moving forward again. You need the experience, knowledge, innovation, and proven track record of Caissa.


OUr Land use Battle Process: 

Assessment & Strategic Planning

Comprehensive consultations to evaluate and research the current situation and develop compelling messaging for your project.

Grassroots & Grasstops Advocacy

Engaging, tracking, and courting the community throughout the campaign to influence the primary target: those who can approve or disapprove the project.

Outreach Campaigns

Implementing earned media and digital tactics to further target key stakeholders in the campaign.

Community Advocacy Information

We identify, connect with, and influence key stakeholders to ensure your goals are met.

Our experienced organizers help you create a framework for your efforts, expanding and analyzing your current strategies to make recommendations for future growth. Caissa utilizes many different tools to engage the public and build momentum for your project.

Along with traditional marketing, advertising and public relations avenues, digital efforts play a key role. From social networks to email surveys and online blogs, we ensure we will reach the people that matter most to you. Caissa focuses on micro-targeting key audiences to influence action. We leave general, broad-sweeping marketing campaigns to the other guys.

Caissa develops and delivers compelling messages that soar above the chaos, connecting you with the market you are trying to reach: your customers, clients, members, volunteer base, key decision makers and/or your local community.

We get you connected through:

Stakeholder Identification

Public Outreach and Advocacy

Partnership Development

Coalition Building

Social Media Communications

Grassroots and Grasstops Organizing

Event Planning and Management

Charrette-style Presentations

Media and Spokesperson Training

Message Development and Dissemination


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