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Land Use Battles

When your projects are facing community or political opposition we can help you. Caissa use proven tactics to deal with your opposition, rally support and directly educate key stakeholders for your projects to get you a win!

Our Tactics

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We directly educate key stakeholders and elected officials involved with your project getting approval. Lobbying efforts include, but are not limited to, correcting misinformation and educating targeted individuals on the positives and/or necessity of your project.

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Being able to show support for your project and having a community on your side makes a huge difference when you have a vocal opposition. There are many ways to prove support of your project and when it is done properly it can increase the likelihood your projects approval.

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We deal with your loudest and craziest opposition, so you don’t have to. By creating a dialogue with the opposed community, combating misinformation, and infiltrating the other side if possible, we work to defuse any potential land-mines for your project.


Our Services

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Why Caissa?

Our proven tactics in handling your opposition, rallying support and educating key stakeholders has helped win land use battles like yours across the nation. We have faced and won some of the hardest uphill battles.


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Land Use Battles