Government Relations

Facilitations, Metrics & Accountability, Event Management, Meeting Coordination, Product & Service Launches

In a world that operates on "who you know," government relations are crucial components of many successful business models.

Regulatory and legislative changes on the local, state and national level create a challenging and ever-changing environment for today's successful companies. It is not enough to know what happened yesterday in council chambers, Legislative Plaza or Capitol Hill. If you can't anticipate what will happen tomorrow, then you are at a competitive disadvantage. This is where Caissa can help.

Whether you are looking to augment your existing government affairs program to provide your business with the additional capacity it needs to succeed, or your company needs to develop and implement a comprehensive government affairs plan, we can provide all the tools you need to successfully navigate the political waters.

Some of our government services include:


Cover all your bases from selecting vendors to establishing payment terms to strategic vetting, selection and contract negotiations

Land use

Pick the right site for pre-site evaluation, development approval processing, and competitor analysis for future projects planned in your target area

Influencing legislators & political action

Motivate decision makers to take action

Research policy development

Navigate the political waters to succeed with a comprehensive government affairs plan

Relationship & coalition building

Construct alliances with individuals and groups to achieve goals

Committee development & administration

Building the right team to make the change you want to see happen



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