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When the issue is staring you right in the face, you need to act quickly and strategically. Caissa provides strategic counsel, message development, targeted communications, and media strategies. These methods will get you out of your crisis and back on track to success.  

What is a crisis?

  • Any situation that is difficult, dangerous, or troubling for your team, clients, or other key stakeholders

  • Your business or organization is experiencing highly negative media coverage or is being destroyed online

  • Having negative news to deliver to your employees, customers, investors, or other key stakeholders including things like bankruptcy, layoffs, etc.


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Crisis Management

Companies spend years building their brand and establishing a positive reputation. Then a crisis hits, and sometimes overnight, CEOs and their team are under fire and extreme distress. The Caissa approach works by applying a series of proven tools and messaging to help manage reputation in the face of crisis. Caissa’s experts have handled diverse issues, including executive changes, government investigations, product failures and recalls, bankruptcy and more.

Media Training

Caissa offers three levels of media training. The two general courses are tiered classes that include intensive sessions covering the basics of media engagement and real-world practice for participants. The third level is a specialized training course for businesses that seek a curriculum designed to their specialized needs. Typically, once a specialized curriculum is created, it is given to several people in the organization and then used annually to refresh your team to ensure they always remain prepared. 

Media Training - During our session, your team will develop personal presentation tools that will prepare and build their skills for communicating messages with maximum impact. Much of what we do is designed to prepare you for real world situations; as such, each curriculum has real time components that prepare and push the team to do their best when handling a media situation. At times, some parts of the training will be stressful and unorthodox, compared to other lecture type courses.

  • Topics - Instruction areas include but are not limited to on-camera test sessions, interview preparation, message discipline, avoiding potential land mines and other communication pitfalls, how to best communicate with the media, avoiding common errors, and point of contact protocol.

  • Customized Training Sessions - Please get in touch with one of our crisis experts to learn more about our customized options.

Crisis Prevention & Planning

Crisis prevention costs are always a tiny fraction of the costs that are typically incurred as a result of crises without adequate preparation. Caissa offers prevention and planning services that keep your business or organization ahead of any major crisis.

  • Crisis Communications Plans — Creation of a plan specific for you business organization that includes response and command structures, written plans, strategic communication plan for stakeholders, and more.

  • Emergency Management Plans — Preparing for emergencies in advance can be the difference between opening your doors the next day or never again after an emergency strikes. Our team will help prepare your operational response.

Corporate Communications

Caissa’s team of communication professionals can help you draft press releases, develop or refocus your corporate image, liquidations, union issues, hostile takeovers, investor relations, transactions, and mergers and acquisitions. No matter the situation, Caissa knows how to craft the right message, reach your right target, and capitalize on the best opportunities in order to exceed expectations. We work with you to develop clearly defined objectives, and our team knows how to accomplish long-term goals that never sacrifice the short-term gains. We help you navigate the complex landscape of business communications in the digital age by communicating with key advisors, building brand awareness, showcasing next-level innovations and managing shareholder expectations.

Social Media Crisis Management

In today’s digital world, consumers put their trust in social media whenever making purchasing decisions. As third-party entities, consumers endorsements can make or break your company’s credibility.

Have you experienced upset customers flooding your Facebook page, or angry Twitter posts stirring up trouble? Are rumors flying around damaging your company’s reputation?

Or, are you ready for training in how to prevent situations like these?

Social media today, on any platform, can bring in big clients, but it can also shut your doors for good. If you’re facing a social media crisis that is impacting your reputation, or your business’ revenue reach out to one of our social media crisis management experts today.

Crisis Simulations

With the help of his expert team at Caissa, our CEO, Brian Stephens, has developed training plans and specialized courses that helps your team prepare for a crisis through interactive trainings.

  • Business War Games - Test your plan before rollout to help your company with strategic, operational, and tactical planning. Business war gaming is a role-playing simulation used for training purposes.

Crisis Litigation Consulting

Lawyers are meant to battle in courts of law. Caissa is an expert of the battle in court of public opinion. Conflicts are won more frequently when the correct forces work in a coordinated manner and have a common goal.

  • Evaluation of public relations liability and potential damages that could result from the litigation.

  • Engage with stakeholders to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships.

  • Evaluation and analysis defenses and any proactive tactics that may be needed.

  • Analyzing the ability of parties on either side of the litigation to effectively respond to the public relations demands.

  • Review of draft legal documents that may end up in the public record, with an eye toward identifying verbiage that could be harmful from a public relations viewpoint.

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