Candidate Campaigns

Whether you are campaigning at a county, city, state, or national level, our team at Caissa has the top experience of running candidate campaigns you won’t find anywhere else. 

No campaign is created equal. Determining the target audience, messaging, marketing elements, and timeline is essential and specific to every campaign.

We stick beside you from start to finish to ensure every element is executed on task, message, and time. And we win.

Some of our campaign specialties include:

Brand Design

From headshots to color choices, powerful messaging to effective designs, we can handle it all.

Social Media Outreach

Utilize targeting and social media tactics to take your messaging directly to your voters.

Direct Voter Contact

From door knocking to phone calls, we know how to connect with the people who matter the most.

Ground Teams

We work with dedicated volunteers that get on the ground and take your message out to the voters.


Candidate Campaigns