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Where Your Business’ Bad Reviews Are Hiding
Where Your Business’ Bad Reviews Are Hiding

Where Your Business’ Bad Reviews Are Hiding


We do not know what is worse--- having no reviews or having bad reviews and not knowing about them. What we do know is that both of these are impacting your business.

Everyone wants to think that most of their customers are happy with their services and products, but the reality is that even if most of your customers love you, it only takes a few lurking negative reviews to poison your online reputation. Potential customers are not just checking out your website and social media pages to learn about you, they are also checking out your online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

When someone is looking for he best barbecue restaurant nearby or just best restaurant nearby in general, they are going beyond the Google search results and turning to reviews.  

So, while they may have asked a friend for recommendations on a great restaurant, the average consumer is doing more research themselves than ever.  

According to research, 88% of consumers have been influenced by an online customer service review when making a buying a buying decision (Zendesk).

A bad review can cost you, and here are places you should look for them:

Social Media

Giving recommendations on social media is becoming the new word of mouth, and companies like Facebook are taking advantage of it, i.e. with their newly added feature to "Ask for recommendations" in a newsfeed post. Overall, it is becoming more and more important for a company to be seen positively on social media.

Here's an example:

Let’s say a customer recently visited your dry cleaners and had a bad experience. They then go onto Facebook and leave you not only a negative review but also post on their newsfeed about it. With roughly 200 local FB friends, that's a major potential customer base that has now seen this post about their negative experience.

If you as a business do not address this issue and are not aware of what happened, you are increasing your potential of having it happen again. If your average customer spends $20 each time they visit, and 200 people just saw this post, that’s $4,000 in potential revenue that could be lost.

Search Engines

Today, everyone has an opinion, but what is new is that how it can be shared. Whether it’s a negative comment on a blog post, two-star review on a YouTube video, or just a plain negative Google review, it’s not good for your business. And search engines take note of this. Now on Google business listings, they are not just showing your Google score, they are showing your review score on major third-party sites, such as TripAdvisor and Facebook. Search engines are today's libraries, so staying on top of how your business is catalogued is essential to thrive in the digital world.

Online Communities  

Technology has brought us together in more ways than we can keep track, and because of that, celebrities aren’t the only pop-culture influencers anymore. Your average customer can be seen as an influencer (whether it’s on Twitter, YouTube, or the dark cave of Reddit threads) amongst their followers just based on their activity in online forums and threads, so if they are reviewing your products or services, you need to be aware of what is being said so can respond.

Third Party Review Sites

Investigating as much as possible about a business has become the norm. Consumers are looking for reviews, and they are doing so in multiple places. Sure, the usual sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Zomato are there, but there are now so many more out there, especially in specialty industries. Being aware of what sites your customers are reviewing you on is essential.


So, we ask you this, what is knowing about a review worth to you? Do you want help in finding out where reviews may be hiding for your business?

Get your FREE snapshot report here and learn how Caissa can help you manage your online reviews. 


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