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Training School District Employees to Recruit

An urban school district had issues with their enrollment rates due to an influx of charter schools in the area. The school district took their own internal measures to address the student population decline, however their numbers kept decreasing.

Caissa was hired to train the staff at the administrative level on how to recruit and retain their students.

Caissa Public Strategy recognizes that the best way to achieve its mission of recruiting students for public schools is to build relationships with the families. This strategy means we engage directly and communicate effectively with parents and students about school recruitment. Our ultimate goal is to boost your recruitment numbers and bring money back to your school.

Our mission is centered around three main tactics: recruit new students, retain your current students, and reclaim students who have left. We executed our strategy with Shelby County’s School District to create campaign style messaging and apply grassroots outreach tactics to engage local families and increase school enrollment.

Our Results

Due to Caissa’s efforts, the district saw a 12% increase in enrollment for new students.

The district also saw a net 1% gain of students in the district, one of the first positive gains in a decade.

Since then, the district has now put into place parent ambassadors to further enhance their message and utilize those resources in both their student recruitment and retaining efforts.

How We Did It

Caissa provided winning strategies to help the district create a recruitment strategy to target charter school students and bring them back to the district.

We provided training to the principals, assistant principals, and key personnel on retaining students already in their schools.

To further engage the parents and students, we developed an online advertising plan on key social media platforms.

If you are interested in learning more, please email Adrian Bond at or call 901.522.1030.

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