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3 Killer Tactics for Brands that Struggle with Social Media

In today’s social world, consumers are liking, sharing, and connecting with their friends almost as often as they are with their favorite brands. Constant communication and connection between businesses and consumers has become an integral part of the buying cycle, and when businesses fail to acknowledge this, consumers lose interest in their brand.

How to Make an Awesome Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business in 4 Easy Steps

Before you just go posting every time you think you have a good idea for a post, stop and  create a plan that aligns with the goals you have set for your social media profiles. The biggest trap businesses fall into is not having a real plan behind the platforms they’re using or the content they’re posting. As a result, a business’ social profile can look inconsistent and unbranded. To fix your struggling social media profiles, we suggest building a social media marketing plan.