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Customer Service & Social Media: 3 Things You Should Know
Customer Service & Social Media: 3 Things You Should Know

Customer Service & Social Media: 3 Things You Should Know

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Customer Service & Social Media

3 Things You Should Know

Now more than ever customers are going to social media to share their experiences with their communities. Particularly they are sharing information about the brands they support to maintain their lifestyle. They can also be easily labeled as what we now know today as influencers. Everyone may not consider themselves as an influencer if we look at the number of followers they have on any given social media platform but every consumer definitely is in their own right.

The mistake many brands make is not looking at each consumer in that light. With the ease of people being able to quickly share, repost, or retweet information,  it is becoming easier for a brand's image and reputation to be negatively impacted by how they respond to customer service through social media.

Not only are customers sharing their experience with their communities but they are going directly to the brands to get their customer service related issues resolved. In a recent study, it showed that 67% of consumers have used a company's social media site for customer service.

With that being said, great customer service through social media is expected for all businesses in today's digital age. To provide a great customer service experience through social media we recommend taking a look at these 3 best practices when handling customer service issues through social media platforms.

Embrace the Feedback (The Good & The Bad)

We get it. It’s much easier to hear about how great of a job you are doing as a business but it can be much bigger pill to swallow when you hear where you are falling short. It’s important to look at this information through a new lens. Think about how valuable the information is that your customers are sharing and who better to hear it from than the people who make your business possible.

Stay in Constant Communication with your Customers

This may seem like a well duh moment but we can’t express how many times we’ve seen brands fall short of this. I’m sure we’ve all been there, where you are so excited to receive a package from a business that you ordered from and you’ve gotten order confirmations but then there is a delay in shipment and the business lets you know your new delivery date but the deadline passes and still no package.

As a brand, you don’t want to stop the flow of communication at that point. This is a pivotal moment not only in communication but also customer service. We get things happen that are sometimes out of your control as  a brand that may delay your customers package, but it is still important to let them know what they can expect from you as business they have given their hard earned money to. We suggest putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer as you are making decisions on when and what to communicate.

Anticipate Customers Needs & Wants

While it is one thing to listen to your customers it’s a different ball game when you anticipate the unexpressed wants and needs of your customers. Not only will you provide them exceptional customer support but you will also stand out from your competition. Which, I’m sure you will agree is a bonus.

Following these best practices will help you stay on the right track to providing a good experience between your brand and your customers. As we all know people are going to talk but let’s make sure they are talking about your brand for all the right reasons.  

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