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School competition is continuing to grow across the country. Schools have started utilizing political campaign tactics to recruit students. Traditional marketing practices are still necessary, but they aren’t enough by themselves anymore. Your district’s competition is using door knocks, live phone calls, robo-calls, grassroots teams, and other political campaign tactics to recruit your students. 

Rallying Community Support of an Apartment Complex

Local property management and development firm sought approval of a multi-story, urban, infill, apartment building. Community opposition was significant and they had a head start reaching out to the body that was to vote on this project. About 40 emails and letters, including 7 representing local neighborhood associations, were sent to the Planning Commission in opposition to the project.

Coaching Your Staff: 3 Topics Your School Administration Should Be Trained On

In any school district, the student comes first. Without students, there are less programs, funding, and teachers. Every school district should have an open mind when considering ways to attract new students to your district and keep the current students that you have. One of the most critical steps your district can take is making sure your staff is properly trained. At Caissa, we offer staff and administration training to improve your student recruitment and retention efforts. 

Student Recruitment

Traditional public schools are falling short on students. Gone are the days when public schools could sit back and wait for students to show up on the first day of class. Over the last 10 years, enrollment in charter schools has tripled. In this era of school choice, educators have to become proactive marketers to recruit, retain, and reclaim students for their public school. It's time for public schools to compete.