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When Should We Start Recruiting Students?

As the school year begins, teachers are excited, students are giddy, and everyone is looking to the year ahead. But what about the marketing department? The enrollment team? Based on our research, we have learned that this time of year is perfect to start recruiting students for the next school year. 

The school year that is 12 months away? Yes. 

Today we are sharing our top 3 tips for implementing a year-round enrollment strategy. 

School competition is continuing to grow across the country. Schools have started utilizing political campaign tactics to recruit students. Traditional marketing practices are still necessary, but they aren’t enough by themselves anymore. Your district’s competition is using door knocks, live phone calls, robo-calls, grassroots teams, and other political campaign tactics to recruit your students. 

3 Essential Rules for Dealing with the Media

It doesn’t matter if you’re the client or the lawyer, there is nothing worse than being unprepared when dealing with reporters because they will find your weakness and exploit it.  Keeping these three tips in mind will help you and your clients be successful when dealing with the media.

3 Crucial Steps to Help Your Client During a Crisis

It’s important for lawyers to understand the necessary steps to handling a public crisis for their clients. Having a crisis communications plan isn’t normally emphasized until it’s too late, so it’s essential that you have a plan in place to best serve your clients. You don’t have much time to address a crisis anymore.  Bad publicity travels fast and you need to jump into action as soon as possible.

3 Proven Ways to Build Your Email List

What’s the secret to a successful email campaign? The subject line? The pretty pictures or cool designs? Great deals or offers? All of those things are important, but the secret to a successful campaign is actually the quality of your email list.

So how do you build an effective email list full of quality leads and future clients?

Here are three proven methods to get you started.

Technology, apps, software, algorithms, metrics - the world of marketing is always changing and evolving, but there are five common mistakes we see businesses make over and over again no matter how much everything else changes. It’s time to stop making these mistakes and market your business a better, more effective way.

5 Ways Beauty-Industry Professionals Can Use Their Reviews

Beauty industry professionals know how important positive reviews and referrals are for business. Sharing your positive reviews in multiple, new ways allows you to grow your business without depending solely on current clients telling their friends about their great experience. Here are five ways you can use your great reviews and wow your potential new clients.

7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants You to Know

Search engine optimization (SEO) can often fall to the back-burner of our marketing plans, but implementing a strong SEO strategy is critical to your business’s online success. Here are seven things your boss wants you to know about implementing an SEO strategy. Plus we've included some tangible tips for you at the end! 

Four Things to Start Doing for Your Marketing Strategy in 2018

As a new year starts, everyone sets out on a journey of improvement. We create health goals, diet goals, desire new habits and attempt to break old ones. Businesses often make new goals, too - more revenue, new customers, better customer experience, and more. Here are FOUR achievable goals you can incorporate into your marketing plan to see better results in 2018. (Plus there’s a bonus one if you read until the end!)

3 Killer Tactics for Brands that Struggle with Social Media

In today’s social world, consumers are liking, sharing, and connecting with their friends almost as often as they are with their favorite brands. Constant communication and connection between businesses and consumers has become an integral part of the buying cycle, and when businesses fail to acknowledge this, consumers lose interest in their brand.

How to Make an Awesome Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business in 4 Easy Steps

Before you just go posting every time you think you have a good idea for a post, stop and  create a plan that aligns with the goals you have set for your social media profiles. The biggest trap businesses fall into is not having a real plan behind the platforms they’re using or the content they’re posting. As a result, a business’ social profile can look inconsistent and unbranded. To fix your struggling social media profiles, we suggest building a social media marketing plan.

Where Your Business’ Bad Reviews Are Hiding

Everyone wants to think that most of their customers are happy with their services and products, but the reality is that even if most of your customers love you, it only takes a few lurking negative reviews to poison your online reputation. Potential customers are not just checking out your website and social media pages to learn about you, they are also checking out your online reviews before making a purchasing decision.