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7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants You to Know
7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants You to Know

7 Things About SEO Your Boss Wants You to Know

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Search engine optimization (SEO) can often fall to the back-burner of our marketing plans, but implementing a strong SEO strategy is critical to your business’s online success. Here are seven things your boss wants you to know about implementing an SEO strategy. Plus we've included some tangible tips for you at the end! 

1. It impacts your revenue.

When a potential customer searches your business or keywords about your business, if you don't show up in that search, you're losing money. Ensuring that you're not missing revenue opportunities requires utilizing SEO best practices and it’s paramount that you do.

2. It takes time.

SEO is not an overnight, one-size fits all solution. It is a practice that takes time and dedication to yield results. Be prepared to spend time learning, growing, and practicing your SEO strategy.

3. Social media is now a big player.

Social media is now very important for your SEO strategy. Being active across different platforms can yield better results for your business and will create better long-term engagement.

4. Do your research.

As you begin to learn more about SEO, you will realize how much more there is to know. It is important that you do your research to learn the best and most effective strategies for your specific business.

5. Keep studying.

After you research your initial plan and get to work on SEO, keep studying. SEO best practices change and grow often. Make sure you stay updated on the best practices and strategies so your business can succeed and grow.  

6. Create strong content.  

As you work on content to post for your brand, create strong posts to share. If your keywords are working, but the posts your potential clients are seeing aren’t great, then it doesn’t matter. Share strong, valuable content to attract potential customers and yield the results you want.

7. Start.

You need to start. Don’t get bogged down by trying to create a huge, SEO strategy that is never implemented because you are always working on it. Instead, just start somewhere. Putting some plan into motion is better than none at all.

Tangible Tips

  • Optimize your website to be mobile-friendly
  • Use Google Analytics 
  • Learn the differences between paid and organic SEO approaches - utilize both 
  • Use internal linking on your posts 
  • Create strong headlines and sub-headers

If SEO still overwhelms you, reach out to Caissa and one of our Marketing Strategists will help!

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