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3 Ways to Digitally Revamp your Image without a Total Rebrand
3 Ways to Digitally Revamp your Image without a Total Rebrand

3 Ways to Digitally Revamp your Image without a Total Rebrand

By: Emily Awtrey

By: Emily Awtrey

Have you been looking for ways to attract new customers, break into a different market, or compete harder against your competitors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have probably asked yourself whether or not if a "rebrand" would be the solution. 

Here's our advice: don't always jump to the conclusion that your image is what is stopping your business from growing. A complete rebrand puts your business at risk for a costly and time consuming project that does not guarantee success. You put hard work, time, and creativity into building your brand, so why dump it all together without trying a few other image-related updates first?

Simple image and messaging changes overtime can help keep your business progressive and attract new prospects, while maintaining the success your business has already earned from its already-established brand. Here are 3 approaches to quickly refresh your look without a total rebrand:

1. Update Your Website

Your website could be the first impression a customer has on your business. If it looks or sounds stagnate and outdated, it is likely they would connect that feeling to your business. But you do not always have to build a new website to update it.

  • A quick way you can easily refresh your website to be more dynamic and navigable is by ensuring your site is user-friendly. Specifically, we suggest doing an assessment of whether or not your website is equally accessible on all platforms, ranging from computers to mobile devices. Forbes Agency Council is seeing approximately 42% of all client traffic coming from mobile devices with expectations of that number increasing. Most of the time, a simple code embedded into the current code of your website can change it, from strictly desktop, to desktop and mobile-friendly.

  • Another top objective of your website should be answering the needs of your target audience. The Entrepreneur encourages companies to gear content more toward your customers. Instead of talking about who you are, focus on what you can do. You do not want potential customers or clients to have to dig for the information they need.

In 2008, Domino's Pizza Inc. successfully updated their website by better gearing their content towards their hungry audience. On the Domino's homepage, every image of a deal or product is a giant button that makes it easy to navigate. The products are listed clearly at the top of the page and anything about the company itself is listed at the bottom. During their website revamp, Domino's also added the Domino's Pizza Tracker, which allows customers to follow their pizza from the oven to their doorstep. The technical advancements made Domino's website more about the customer experience rather than a company introduction. 

2. Enhance you Logo

Update your image by enhancing the color scheme and theme. Be sure to analyze how your color scheme connects with your customers. You may have already built brand recognition through a specific color, and it would not be ideal for your business to drastically change its color palette. Consider adding complimentary colors or altering the tone of colors that are already working. For example, if you have been using a bright blue, change the tone of blue-ish grey color.

When you think of the well known coffee company, Starbucks, you may picture the green logo connected to the brand. Without rebranding, the company has made simple modifications to the logo to help it stay progressive and up to date, while still maintaining its recognition. Like most companies that change their logo, Starbucks wanted to expand its market and audience. Throughout their transitions, Starbucks wanted the updated logo to represent as much about its future as it did about its past. Beyond their visual identity system , they wanted a program that afforded them the freedom and flexibility to explore new product, regional and experience opportunities, while keeping them in step with their current and future customers.

3. Activate Social Media

Most business owners choose to use social media marketing because of the low initial cost and easy start up process. However, managing several media accounts can be time consuming, and may get forgotten in the media world, if not used regularly. Your business can revamp its image simply by enhancing how it utilizes social media. Having a business presence on social media should be more than an occasional post on Facebook or Twitter.

  • By posting relevant and educational material, you not only stay current, you will also help your business build credibility. Innovative materials like blogs, news articles, and whitepapers will create energy around your business that will build your brand.

  • You and your customers can get more out of social media if it is used as a tool to respond and interact with the targeted community. Your media accounts should make your targeted group feel involved and inclusive. Better utilize your social media accounts by communicating customer experiences, promotions, and feedback.

  • Review which media outlet work best to target your audience. For instance, if you are in the food industry, posting new food items or deals may be more productive on Twitter than on Instagram. For a competitive purpose, your business should abandon unproductive platforms or mediums and adopt constructive ones. It is more efficient to have one or two active accounts rather than multiple dry accounts.

Alternating your Facebook cover page will be a simple start. When you update a photo, all of your followers will see that change on their news feed. The more they see your brand’s activity, the more they will remember your business. There should be a strategy in place to continuously populate fresh content that is relevant and educational because, in the end, people are what make transformations constructive.

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