How to Make an Awesome Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Business in 4 Easy Steps

Before you just go posting every time you think you have a good idea for a post, stop and  create a plan that aligns with the goals you have set for your social media profiles. The biggest trap businesses fall into is not having a real plan behind the platforms they’re using or the content they’re posting. As a result, a business’ social profile can look inconsistent and unbranded. To fix your struggling social media profiles we suggest building a social media marketing plan.

Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis.

From accidents or rogue bloggers, to product recalls or community relation challenges, crises can occur in many forms. Quick, well-thought out action, is necessary to protect your reputation and your bottom line.

The Power of an Online Presence

The project

A community bowling center wanted to create an online and social media presence and a website. The business was running through Word of Mouth only. The owner quickly came to the realization that maintaining an online presence is essential for success...