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If you have been trying to promote your business through social media to create a more prominent awareness of your brand and its unique and original benefits to your target audience, you might think that you are just as capable as any another person to accomplish your desired goals.

In reality, this could potentially turn into an unwanted result that could possibly cause detrimental damage to your company’s online reputation, such as perhaps responding to an online criticism in the wrong way. There are several mishaps that can occur when you attempt to manage your own social media presence. You company could greatly benefit if you take advantage of the know how and experience that a well established professional social media management company in Memphis could offer you.

Caissa Public Strategy has been assisting several types of businesses to manage their online reputations, building relationships with clients and their target customers.


Our Services

Caissa Public Strategy is a full service communications firm that has been promoting social media awareness for all of our valued clients with over 100 years of combined experience and proficiency. We are considered that number one, top rated social media management company in Memphis, and all if its surrounding communities, offering fresh new concepts in how your online ubiety is presented. Some of the services that we specialize in include getting concept suggestions for posting to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We also post to multiple social media platforms and find new leads to generate business through social media. Our main goal is to advance your product, obtaining more reviews, and to manage, track and monitor your performance.

There are several reasons why it would benefit you the most by trusting an independent team of professionals to handle your social media presence, rather than by going about it in-house. Can you imagine the disastrous effect that can take place if a disgruntled former employee had your passwords and began leaving disparaging remarks and reviews regarding your company just to get even. There is also the fact that someone with out the proper training could possibly log into their personal account rather than the corporate one, and the possibility that a copyrighted or inappropriate photo being posted. These scenarios may seem to take this concept too far, but in reality, these types of mistakes happen everyday to once successful, growing companies.

Ad Companies in Memphis